D.V. Whytes

Whyte on the Rock

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“In this short reflection the Whyte’s have written an appealing sharing of their intimate personal experiences of the power of the well-known prayer; Our Father. I readily recommend it for the deepening of one’s relationship with God our Father or to give it as a gift to a loved one whose spiritual life and health we are anxious about. It has been a blessing to me." 

David Barfknecht, OSB Superior,

Benedictine Monastery

An Angel invades Waikiki!

A Divine Dusting is a series of prose of an angel fashioned after Never-Neverland’s exotic imp,Tinker Bell. In Waikiki our angel reveals God's hand setting us free from fears that keep us in the comfort of what we know, even when what we know is wrong.


But people don’t live in Never-Never land, so the chance of meeting an angel in Paradise is more likely.