D.V. Whytes

Whyte on the Rock

With a keen eye for clues and reconnaissance help by her trusty snowman, Emma Rae is definitely not your average 10-year-old in solving big crimes, don’tcha know! In between sips of hot cocoa and rides on her bike, she lives out dreams that for most kids ended when they turned off their televisions.     D.V. Whytes offers intriguing and witty dialogue along with pastels of small-town America that hearken back to a simpler time. But as readers learn in this engaging series, things aren’t always what they seem. And who says a pre-teen can’t teach adults a thing or two about catching a killer!”        

... Gary Robertson,  journalist, North Carolina

“If you’re looking for an exotic escape from the run-of-the-mill mystery, Prism Poison is the antidote. D.V. Whytes’s thriller on the high seas and in the African bush offers a journey of danger and dynamic destinations you probably won’t find on your next vacation.

Thank goodness for the good sense of Royce and Hunter Greystone, along with a band of neighbors and ne’er-do-wells you might wish for your next cruise ... or catastrophe!”  

  .. Gary Robertson, journalist,

North Carolina

In Bangkok, where a ghost from travels past, haunts Hunter our hero's find themselves reunited with of Grey's college buddy.  Many years ago, they drove the long journey home together for the holidays.   And something is strangely amiss.


During the cruise, deific forces demand the marriage of the Egyptian Wedjet and the Vietnamese Holy Cao before the Amduats 7th hour, for it is here, that the Apep awaits to unleash wrath that leads to the Lake of Fire.  Please join our travels as the Greystones face dangers aboard ship and at each port of call. 

An anthology by

Sisters in Crime-Hawaii. 


Lots of wonderful short stories, all based in the Hawaiian Islands.

See DV Whytes -Tentacles of Death.

Gret fun.   Get your copy now.