D.V. Whytes

Whyte on the Rock

EXCERPT from Love Beyond Measure

What was designed to inspire us, no longer spurs us on or gives us hope.  And now it's easy to pinpoint obstacles and lament excuses which will only inhibit our possibilities or enhance a fulfilling life.  Yes, the silver spoon syndrome morphs into one of expectancy as we develop an attitude that the world should now revolve around us.  How dangerously this affects all of our relationships.

Jesus knows that our relationship with our Father is one that is always to be special whether we feel it or not, and it is this relationship that feeds us daily in life. Without this relationship we become starved, starved for affections, guidance and wisdom, leaving us to live in doubts and fears. A loss of trust is also a loss of faith. It leaves us vulnerable to deception as the wolves in sheep’s clothing come to sell us a theory, start a new cult, or eradicate new growth of faith, such as in Mark 4:5 where Jesus tells the story about the seed sown on rocky ground.  When there's not much soil; the seed grows quickly only to whither because it had no roots.

Hallowed Be Thy Name ...              

Twilight approaches as the sun begins to descend from its magnificent height toward the horizon. You happen to glance up and pause, pause to take pleasure in the brilliance of the event. An attractive woman walks by and the man pauses, pauses to watch, enjoying the beauty of her. A small child sleeps in early evening, clean and tucked in, hair mussed, mouth slightly parted, and the parent pauses, pauses to cherish the preciousness of what lay before them.
To take the time to pause and gaze upon that which we find beautiful or precious is to refresh our love in that respect, to fall in love all over again, such as an artist, who spends much time studying their creation which only inspires them to go out and spend more effort, more time, and money to further express the love or the art that resides within them.

This is what we do when we say, “hallowed be thy name.” We pause, pause to reflect and take pleasure in the beauty of our Father, the purity of Him, His awesomeness, His greatness, and His glory.  To pause upon the beauty and holiness of our Father can only foster awe within us. To reflect upon His greatness fills our soul with hope; His beauty fills us with adoration, His love with trust, and His holiness with respect.