D.V. Whytes

Whyte on the Rock

  EXCERPT- From  Prism Poison
The Banks of the Limpopo ...


Grey relaxed his fist slowly and, one by one, let several beautiful colored diamonds fall into Grant’s palm. One was a pretty pink, three were yellow, and two were a light pear-green.  Yet, remaining in the palm of his hand, was a larger stone with a beautiful shade of blue.  All you could hear, other than a pin drop, was a harmonized, “Ohhh!”


I gingerly nudged one and watched it roll over in Grant’s hand.  Both of Louise's hands covered her mouth as if to stop herself from shouting. The four of us sat silently for several moments. Noise from people talking and walking by in the hallway startled us. Grant clasped his hand shut and we all looked towards the door. If anyone would have come in, I am sure we would all have looked like four kids caught with our hands in the cookie jar.


We listened for them to fade away before we moved a muscle. Taking in a deep breath, I stood up and began to shake my finger at Grey and Grant. “What did you do? What did you do? You actually took something from a dead man! You ... you took something from the scene of a crime!” I started to pace back and forth in the little cabin, realizing why Grant had done so earlier.